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Creative Curriculum

At Bethlehem Preschool, we structure our play and learning around the philosophies of Creative Curriculum.  This is a comprehensive curriculum that allows teachers and staff to plan meaningful learning activities that are developmentally appropriate, child-initiated and teacher directed.  The curriculum allows us to assess the children's development in four key areas:




~Language Development

In a Creative Curriculum classroom, students learn literacy, math, science, social studies, art, and processing skills through intentional play and teaching.  Students and teachers investigate topics of study that allow teachers to determine the child's strengths and individualize instruction based on their level of development.

All classes participate in Music and Movement class on Tuesday and Thursday.  The Wednesday classes attend Chapel each week led by one of our church leaders.  The Chapel Curriculum includes bible stories from Jesus Calling Bible Storybook and other child appropriate bible story books.  The stories are taught at age appropriate level beginning with God's Creation through Easter following the Bible.

Special Events

Each year there are a number of special events associated with Parent Day Out and Pre-K ministry.  

~  Open House

~  Picture Day

~  Pre-K Field Trips to Gentry Farm and Owls Hill Nature Center

~  Christmas Play/Program

~  Pre-K Parent-Teacher Conferences

~  In-House Field Trips:  The Science Guy - Dentist - Fire Truck Visit

~  Older 3s, 4s and Pre-K Structured Physical Education class

~  Special Fund Raiser Events

~  Pre-K Graduation

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