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2023-2024 Registration


Current Students will register January 19, 2023

New student registration will be held January 26, 2023


Please call Kim Wixted at 615-591-0501 or email for more information or to schedule a tour of the preschool.  We prefer to hold individual tours so that we can focus on your individual questions/needs.

  Tuition for the upcoming year is still being determined:

2023-2024 Tuition 

PDO (Ones, Toddlers, Twos classes) -  (two days/week)   $255/month

Young 3s, Older 3s, 4, Pre-K -  (three days/week)   $355/month

Registration Fee $75

This fee is non-refundable

There is a Supply Fee charged in September that covers the year.

2 Day Program - $100    3 Day Program - $150


Bethlehem Preschool offers 3 discounts for Tuition:

Church Member Discount - $15/month

Military Discount - $15/month

Sibling Discount - $20/month

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