There are currently openings in our Older Three/Fours Classes. Please contact Sissie Hargreaves at for more information and/or to schedule a tour. (updated 8/23/2019)

2019-2020 School Year begins Tuesday, August 27  

2019-2020 Tuition

PDO (ages 1-3) - $220/month  (two days/week)

Older 3s/4s/Pre-K - $310/month   (three day/week)

Registration Fee $75

There is a Supply Fee charged in September that covers the year.

PDO - $100  Older 3s/4s/Pre-K - $150


Bethlehem Preschool offers 3 discounts for Tuition:

Church Member - $15/month

Sibling Discount - $20/month

Military Discount - $15/month